Stari Zanaeti
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Surprise Exhibition
Alpi di Suisi  ride
Alpi di Suisi woodcarver
Alpi di Suisi woodcarver - industrious
Alpi di Suisi
Museum Gherdeina
Museum Gherdeina
1600s  wood sculptures
Bird in Flight
Dolls  Cottage Industry in Ortisei from the late 1700 s
Traditional Doll - eats the eat me cake!
Krusa and Lazar @ one of the many shops
Oritsei Town View
Oritsei Craftman House
Typical Ortisei House
View from the Doss House
The Doss House  - Paul Paul VI
Paul de Doss Moroder
Filip Moroder Doss
Peter Demetz our Collaborating Partner
Peter Demetz, Vane Nedev
Ortisei Artist Peter Demetz
Oritsei Artist Peter Demetz
Ortisei Artist Matthias Verginer
 Ortisei Artist Bruno Walpoth
Artist Gerald   Moroder
Ortisei Inspirations
Ortisei Inspirations
Ortisei Inspirations
Ortisei Inspirations
Project Sculpt  2010-11